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(SEVEN Minutes Motion Graphics)


„Manger un macaron, c'est faire un tout petit excès sans avoir le sentiment de commettre un péché de gourmandise.“


To drift lengthwise: neither above nor below the figure. To feel the resistance that comes from the surface intuitively, stretch the dimensions and imaginations in our mind; culminating in a dynamic interplay between surface tension and the matters.


La pyramide de macarons.


Choreographer and Video Designer: Shang-Jen Yuan 袁尚仁

Composer: Jinwook Jung


Matteo Cesari, Fl.

Members of Quartetto Prometeo

Giulio Rovighi, Vn.

Massimo Piva, Va.

Francesco Dillon, Vc.


Premiered at the György-Ligeti-Saal, Haus für Musik und Musiktheater (MUMUTH) in Graz, Austria in 2019

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