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Time stretches and winds its way along the days,

While faded visions come and go as they please,

The white flowers still lay upon the dresser,

And the shadows of the black car drive along the lanes of my mind,

Each day that passes seems less and less worthy,

Dreams entice me more and more to surrender to the plunge,

As I stare into the flickering tongue of candlelight,


I slip away from this world to follow you home.


Choreographer: Shang-Jen Yuan 袁尚仁

Performers: Louisa Poletti and Shang-Jen Yuan 袁尚仁

Music: "Sikertelenség", "Öngyilkos Vasárnap", "Galamb Egyedúl", and "Szamár Madár" by Venetian Snares

Producers: Sergei Vanaev and Stadttheater Bremerhaven


Premiered at the Theater im Fischereihafen in Bremerhaven, Germany in 2015

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