Psychologically, setting aside their expression in words, it can be said that our thoughts are simply a vague, shapeless mass. Philosophers and linguists have always agreed that were it not for signs, we should be incapable of differentiating any two ideas in a clear and consistent way. In itself, thought is like a swirling cloud where no shape is intrinsically determinate. No ideas are established in advance, and nothing is distinct; that is until the introduction of linguistic structure. When these two combine; expression and communication are born to us and to our fellows.


From these thoughts come perceptions, of ourselves, our lives, what has come and what may in our futures. We will sometimes reflect on these memories or these ideas, and we will think about the things that have never come to pass, decisions that might have taken us elsewhere in our lives, those opportunities that we have lost. But are they truly lost to us, or only to our minds? Our perceptions lead us to believe that these events, these other lives are indeed lost, but when we look at our realities, there is no way they could be; they simply never occurred. They are but whispers.


This piece, Dialogue, is a culmination of these ideas, expressed in a multi-faceted performance format. We bring together two dancers from different cultures, both with things they have gained and lost to themselves. Then we give them their languages, their methods of conveying all these thoughts they contain. Dance, of course is their first method, but not only are the two dancers interacting, but their styles of dance are also combining and speaking. They converse as humans, but not only to each other; they involve their props, the audience and also the projection upon the wall, using all their senses and movement to convey and experience this dialogue of these thoughts. Then this vast experience is shared and enjoyed with all who are watching and experiencing themselves.


Choreographers and Performers: Constantin Georgescu and Shang-Jen Yuan 袁尚仁 

Video Designer: Constantin Georgescu

Music: "When The Night Has Come" and "Grace Bit" by Jonas Wiese, "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

Producers: Hsiao-Me Ho 何曉玫 and Meimage Dance


In collaboration with​ 41 Interior Architectural 四一玩作


Premiered in New Choreographer Project 鈕扣計畫 at Eslite Exhibition / Performance Hall in Taipei, Taiwan in 2013

© Terry Lin