It carries no memory or time, it drifts...

One can see more than one view and more than one function.

It is defined as a limited process

In an endless change, where monotony does not exist...

Assuming level zero at some points

It also has critical stages where it reaches maximum levels, and then begins to decrease

Once the extremes meet... nobody knows what it is.

It continues...'


Choreographer: Clara Andermatt

Directors: Aurélio Vasques and Bernardo Sassetti

Performers: Bernardo Sassetti, Irina de Oliveira and Shang-Jen Yuan

Composer: Bernardo Sassetti

Editor: Aurélio Vasques

Costume Designer: Clara Andermatt

Cinematographers: Bruno Gonçalves and Paulo Fernandes

Producers: Bernardo Sassetti and Companhia Nacional de Bailado (National Ballet of Portugal)



'Deriva' was invited to attend the 24th Mediawave Festival in Hungary in 2014

and the 7th International Videoart Festival - Proyector in Madrid in 2014