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How can a person preserve or resist oneself in this changeable, unfocused, and information-filled world? How can one avoid succumbing to the confusion of ideas and images without losing their intrinsic worth? Is it even possible to discern one's uniqueness amidst the plurality of others' "oneness"? How can people maintain the vital essence of their personality in a situation where there is so much meaningless and empty content that it cannot even be decoded?


Duality may allow us to judge efficiently, but the spectrum of complexity in our society is not grayscaled, ranging only from darkest to brightest. If we can communicate with our consciousness beyond our physical senses, we might discover a deeper vibration of matter and higher intelligence.


The Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita speaks of those who are asleep, immersed in the awareness of one's bodily identification and who have never attained the world beyond their sense of perception. This state is typical for people who limit their living space to the usual comfort zone or are purely trapped.

We consume too much and forget to create. We are too preoccupied with our physical bodies, paying insufficient attention to spiritual development. How can a person break through the material and allow the energy of the soul to manifest itself?


"…. those who are liberated from the bodily concept of life are awake in the conscious world and are always in balance, even in the face of opposing and contradictory situations in the material world. They are undisturbed."

— Bhagavad Gita


Choreographer and Video Designer: Shang-Jen Yuan 袁尚仁

Performers: Lera Chaplygina, Liza Degtyareva, Liza Glushko, Egor Salogub, Gleb Gais, and Igor Klinsky

Music: "Virta 1. / Current 1" and "Murskaus" by Pan Sonic, and "Mein Weg" by Arvo Pärt

Costume Designer: Shang-Jen Yuan 袁尚仁

Producers: Innopraktika & Russian Seasons School and Boris Eifman Dance Academy


Premiered at Boris Eifman Children's Dance Theater in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 2021

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