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A city is a wide and diverse place with many meetings and partings. The motion and interaction of people, transport, ideas, culture, and dreams all occur here. The intense combination of so many things helps our society to explode with richness and diversity, however, it can also force people to retreat in the face of such an overwhelming expansion. Despite seeking solitude from the myriad of faces in the city, we are not truly free of this whirling chaos, and are still guided and driven by its mechanisms. The result? We are caught in the city’s great game until something or someone appears to pull us away from it.


Choreographers and Performers: Louisa Poletti and Shang-Jen Yuan 袁尚仁

Video Designer: Shang-Jen Yuan 袁尚仁

Music: "My Blue Heaven" by Artie Shaw, "Old Song", "Organum" and "Vladmir's Blues" by Max Richter, "Just (After Song of Songs)" by David Lang, and "즐거운 내 살림" by Young-Kil Kwon

Producers: Seoul Dance Center, SFAC: Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture


Premiered at the Studio White, Seoul Dance Center in Seoul, South Korea in 2016

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